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Here are some suggestions to make the most of using the flashcards:

When will language ?? be available?
When you help by sending me a file with that language and then I will create the flashcards. If you don’t know the language well enough, ask someone who does know the language to help. To make it easier, I have created some files in Microsoft Word format that you can download and fill in the blanks very easily: Make your own Flashcards

How to make a donation:
If you have found this site useful and would like to make a donation using PayPal please click below:

If you can’t make a donation, please let your friends know about the site by sending them an email or posting a link to this site on your blog or webpage.

What format are the flashcards in?
Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. You can get a copy here.

How to set up Acrobat Reader for best results:
Click “View – Fit Page” so you see one whole page
Click “View – Page Layout – Single Page” so it scrolls one complete page at a time.
Use the Page Up and Page Down keys (or the right arrow or left arrow keys) to scroll thru the document.

How to download:
Go to the Downloads page, right click the file you want, and click “Save link as…”, then save the file to your My Document folder.

How large are the files, or how long will it take to download?
The files are between 1 and 2 megabytes. They take 5 to 10 minutes to download on a telephone connection, and only a few seconds on a highspeed connection.

Does it matter if I have a PC, MAC, or a Linux computer?
As long as you can view a PDF file, you can use any type of computer.

When are flashcards for a certain language going to be available?
Please contact us and let us know what language you are interested in. We are developing new languages based on demand.

What about using with a Palm or other handheld device?
The files were designed to use on a computer because the large images and bold lettering help to reinforce the learning process. Please contact us if you have special needs you would like us to address in future versions.

Are there any restrictions on how the files can be used?
The files are copyrighted as follows:

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. Whether you purchased this or obtained it through a free promotion, the copyright allows only one copy. I also allow permission to copy it to up to five of your own electronic devices for you or your immediate family members. You may also pass it along to someone else if you delete your copy (similar to sharing a traditional book). If you have questions or comments, want information on redistributing the material or using it in a school or business, or wish to report the abuse of the above agreement, please contact us.

Can I purchase printed flashcards to use without a computer?
Not at this time. But please contact us with the languages you are interested in. This is an easy task if there is enough demand.

Can I print, copy, or otherwise manipulate the information in the files?
Printing the document, or parts of it, is allowed, but copying or changing the text or images in the file is not allowed thru the security features in the PDF file. If you have a special need please contact us and we will try and accommodate you as we can.

My images seem a little blurry, why is that?
The images have been condensed to make them easier to download. If you would like a file of higher quality, contact us and we will try and accommodate you.

How to request a language or submit pictures, submit a new word list, or report an error or correction:
Go the the Forum page, and enter the information there, or send and email. –

What about regional differences in languages?
We recognize there are accents and differences within languages depending upon the area or people group you are speaking with. If you want to “localize” a word list please contact us and we will try and make it available.

Can I link to your site?
Of course! Please link to one of the pages, and not the downloads themselves