What has been going on for the past year?

About a year and a 1/2 ago I began studying programming to see if I can create my own flashcard program. Things are progressing and hopefully in the coming year you will see a new website with many new features. Keep your fingers crossed!


The website has been cleaned of all malware and is now hermetically sealed with the latest and most secure software. We also have some easy update options to keep the site secure in the future. Happy Surfing.


I found out today that the website had been hacked. If you were using a major search engine and this site appeared in the list, and you clicked on the link, it was redirecting to a few different sites that then hope you click onto something that will allow them to install some malware. The files and downloads on this site are not affected. I am working with my web host and google to remove the malicious code and increase the security of the web server. Sorry for the inconvenience.