Anki Premade Decks

Earlier today I noticed that the Anki website has an area for “PreMadeDecks“. I combined the two Travel List files and uploaded them there. Hopefully they will be useful and more people will find them there.

2nd Anki file

I just finished making another Anki file. This time it is for English/Spanish Travel List 2. It has about 100 more words and images.

You can download the file from the Anki page.

New Anki File

In my quest to create easier to use image/picture flashcards I have investigated dozens of flashcard programs, flashcard websites, programming languages and resources like Ruby/Rails, Wavemaker, Zk studio, Grails, Visual Studio, etc. Although my preference is to create something similar to Anki and specialize in having a database of images for the visual learner, I have decided I do not have the programming skills required, or the time available to attempt such a project. So, I am beginning the next best thing – creating free Anki image files that you can download and use, saving yourself hours of searching the internet for the right images.

I chose Anki for several reasons: free, use it online, from computer, mobile devices, and all the devices can sync, making it extremely flexible. It allows use of images, and it is easy for me to create the files and easy for you to open the file, or import it into your own Anki library.

The first file is for about 100 commonly used words for travelers and language beginners. It is set up for English speakers learning Spanish, but with Anki it is very easy for you to change the words if you want to change it to another language.

You can download the file from the Anki page.