One more online flashcard – FlashcardDB

After posting the last blog, I received an email from Jeff with I had seen this one, but failed to remember it when writing the previous post. It has a nice layout, easy to use, fast response, and is free. Jeff wrote:

FlashcardDB at is an online SRS that allows for embedded images and it offers a choice between the Leitner System and the Anki/Mnemosyne SM-2 algorithm. In fact you can switch back and forth whenever you like.

I did see how to switch between the two learning styles, but was unable to figure out how to add images at first. Then Jeff told me you have to use the html image tag. For example, i added a picture of the sun by entering

<img src=”” style=”width:180px;” />

White this is a bit tedious, it does enable him to provide picture flashcards, without having to build a library of images. It is worth a look!


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