Anki, Jmemorize, Mnemosyne, Pauker…

I have been trying to find a way to combine the files and pictures I have with a “learning system”, like the Leitner system, or another SRS (spaced repitition system), AND have it available online (like Anki or Quizlet). I am a novice programmer, and have been looking at the above open source programs to see if there is a way to port one of them to allow you to create your own cards easier and have a learning system to speed up the memorization process.

Anki is the closest program I have found, but it will not allow images on the online/web version. I have created a sample anki file with a few cards in it. You will need to install Anki if you don’t have it (download here), then download this file , unzip it to the .anki folder in your My Documents folder (if you are using Windows). Then open the the file in Anki. Let me know if something like this would be useful to you.

If you are looking for a memory learning program, here are the links to the free ones I have found to be the best and easiest to use: Anki, Jmemorize, Mnemosyne, Pauker, Quizlet. Anki has the most options and the developer is very active adding features. Jmemorize is a great standalone program with images. Mnemosyne is very good and also includes images. Pauker doesn’t include images, but it does have a version for mobile devices. Quizlet is an online program without images, but very popular.

There is a commercial software at that has most of the features I would like, but they don’t seem to have a database of images/sounds that you can select either – but I haven’t signed up for the service to know for sure…


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