Estonian Flashcards / Updates

Just because I haven’t posted anything for several months, that doesn’t mean good things haven’t been happening!! In mid October of 2007 Cristina Saar emailed me translations of all the files – travel lists and chapters 1-10 – for the Estonian language. I have posted Chapters One and Two, and will begin posting the others as soon as I finish converting them. Cristina has been so nice to work with, and she has been extremely patient with me while I have been creating the files and sending them to her for review.

She has also been very helpful in giving suggestions for how to make it easier to create new word lists. As I am creating the Estonian flashcard files, I am taking extra time to create a standard set of picture files, with blank lines where the translation should go, that anyone can download and fill in the language they want. I may also separate the chapters so it will be easier to customize the words you want to learn. My hope is that others will be able to easily create their own files, and then upload them to share with others.

Keep checking back, or register on the site to be notified for new postings. I think you will enjoy the changes.


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