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Would you like to see flashcards in your language?

Our goal is to have flashcards in as many languages as possible. Since this site is ran by only one person at the present time, I rely on others to help with providing the translations. Most of what is on the website was prepared by my own personal study, or with the help of online resources, and many hundreds of hours. To date, I have had two generous people, Swapna Das who provided several of the German chapters, and Cristina Saar who provided all the files for the Estonian language. In the spring of 2008 I created easy to fill in blank files so anyone can make a new file with any language.

How can I help?

  • Download one of the files from the Make Your Own Flashcards page, fill in the blanks, and send it back to me (simple, huh?), and then I will complete the formatting, save it as a PDF file, and publish it on the website, with your name as the provider if desired.
  • Put a link to this website on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, or whatever account you prefer to let others know about it, and encourage them to translate a file.
  • Teachers and Administrators of language schools: why not make it a class project to translate all the files of a language? What a fun way to help your students learn. I can also work with you to create custom files that fit your curriculum.
  • Donate: If you would like to assist in the costs of maintaining the website and keeping these materials free, consider making a donation via Paypal: