First Italian Flashcards

Check out the first Italian Pictures Flashcards on the Italian page. It needs proofing, so if you see any mistakes, please let me know. This is a great file for learning some basic words for traveling.

Five more Estonian flashcard files

Thanks to Cristina the final five chapters of the Estonian flashcard set are complete and online! This makes the third complete set of picture flashcards. The other two are English and Azeri. German is the next closest, with five chapters remaining.


If you would like to help others learn your language, please fill out one of the Make Your Own flashcard files and send it to me. I will get it formatted and online to share! This could be a great project for your students.

Travel words in Make Your Own

Planning a trip this summer? Create and study these lists of words and you will have a much more enjoyable time. There are two files with several hundred words. Click here or go to the Make Your Own Flashcards page.

Programmers wanted

I have been considering adding software to allow users to choose the images they want and then select the language (or add a new language) to create their own customized lists of flashcards. I can only do minor programming, but am willing to learn a programming language or work with a programmer to create this. If any of you language learners are also programmers, or know a programmer, who would be willing to give me some direction on how to work on this task please send an email to Thanks!

Make your own Flashcards – other scripts

I was thinking about the make your own flashcards, and wondering how they will work with non-latin scripts or languages. If you try them and have trouble, please let me know by emailing to and I will see what can be done.

Social Bookmarking links added

Let me know if you would like other sites in the list of links and I will add them.

Make your own Flashcards Completed!

The last four chapters of the Make Your Own Flashcard files are now available:

Chapter Six (includes Health and Sickness, Adverbs Six, Adjectives Six, and Verbs Six)

Chapter Seven (includes Restaurant, In the Kitchen and Meals, Musical Instruments, Quantity and Model Words, Adverbs Seven, Adjectives Seven, and Verbs Seven)

Chapter Eight (includes Furniture and House, Appliances, Geography and Continents, Quantity, Adjectives Eight, and Verbs Eight)

Chapter Nine (includes Government Words, Growth, Renting, Grooming, Adjectives Nine, and Verbs Nine)

Chapter Ten (includes Tools, Shapes, Important Nouns, Animal Parts, Adjectives Ten, and Verbs Ten)

You can download the complete chapter, or the individual files, here.

Please send back all the flashcard files that you make, so we can share them with others!

Make your own Flashcards update:

I just updated chapters 1-5 with a smaller font in the field where the words are entered. This should allow easier entering and viewing of the files. Try the new ones if you had trouble before.

Chapter Six has been added with the topics: Health and Sickness, Adverbs, Adjectives, and Verbs.

English as a Second Language – ESL – All 12 files available!

Four more files were uploaded today for the English flashcards. Chapters 7 thru 10 are available, making 12 total files, and over 1400 words. More than enough to help increase your English vocabulary to the next level. Topics include Restaurants, Cooking & Eating, Music, Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs, Furniture, Appliances, Directions, Places, Countries, Government Terms, Household terms, Tools, Shapes, and Nouns. You can see them all by clicking here.

English as a Second Language – ESL Chapter 6 Flashcards

Here is the next chapter in the English cards. Topics include: Medical & Health, Adjectives, Verbs, and Idioms. Check it out here.

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