Tools for Teachers/Tutors

I would like to include some tools to make it easier for teachers to create and use these flashcards with their students. This is part of the overall revamping of the site to allow online study, SRS, create custom word lists, better images, etc. So teachers, this is your chance to add your suggestions! Some ideas I have come up with are:

  • Create Classes
  • Add Students, or let them self register and you confirm
  • Assign decks (the word lists) to study
  • Create flashcard games to encourage practicing
  • Stats and reports for each student and class
  • Allow parents to monitor progress for younger students

I found a website called Engrade that is similar to what I am thinking about. Please share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing, or adding a comment.

Fijian Language Added

Thanks to Rhiannon Petty we have Chapter One of the Fijian Language available for download.

Progress on update to site.

I have been making some progress on developing some tools to make it easier to create, study, and learn – check back in a few weeks/months and hopefully you will see some cool features.

Sorry to take so long, but I am still doing this in my spare time, and learning programmning skills. Wish me luck!

Romanian Language Added

A humble friend has contributed two chapters of the Romanian language. That brings the language count to 10 and the total files available to over 50!

Programming is hard!

Well, at least it is hard for me! I am making slow progress on creating a web application to study flashcards. While you are waiting for what will eventually be an awesome learning tool, I recommend checking out Anki and the online version. It is not the simplest to set up and use, but it has many cool features.

What has been going on for the past year?

About a year and a 1/2 ago I began studying programming to see if I can create my own flashcard program. Things are progressing and hopefully in the coming year you will see a new website with many new features. Keep your fingers crossed!


The website has been cleaned of all malware and is now hermetically sealed with the latest and most secure software. We also have some easy update options to keep the site secure in the future. Happy Surfing.


I found out today that the website had been hacked. If you were using a major search engine and this site appeared in the list, and you clicked on the link, it was redirecting to a few different sites that then hope you click onto something that will allow them to install some malware. The files and downloads on this site are not affected. I am working with my web host and google to remove the malicious code and increase the security of the web server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Print ESL Files

Mary just wrote to let me know she couldn’t print some of the ESL/English chapter files. I have changed the security options so printing is allowed. If you run into any more files that have problems please let me know and I will adjust them. Thanks Mary.

Greetings and Useful Phrases in French

I am still waiting for the Swahili files to be completed, but in the meantime, Valerie Kemp has translated the Greetings and Useful Phrases portion of the Chapter Three files into French. More info on the French page.

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