Our goal is to provide quality, easy to use language flashcards in as many languages as possible, especially the lesser known languages. This idea came when I was studying the Azeri language and had to create my own language flashcards. As I was hunting for images to use with my flashcards, I wondered how many people around the world were doing the exact same thing in a different language.

After gathering over 1000 images I decided to begin translating other languages using the same word lists. Click on the Languages tab to see the current list.

This task is much larger than my time, energy, and financial resources allow, so I am opening up the development of further languages, proofreading, and image collecting to YOU! If you would like to see additional word lists and languages available, contact me and we can work together to make it happen!


Our plan is:

To find or create images that very clearly represent the word and are “culture neutral” so they aren’t offensive or make it necessary to get many different pictures for every language.

To make vocabulary/image lists of one to two thousand common words, and then add specialty lists for medical workers, students, missionaries, etc., creating them in multiple languages (ie English/Spanish, Russian/French, etc.)

To work with teachers/language schools/publishers to create lists that complement existing coursework. I don’t want to start out as a “learn a language in a box”, but as a tool to help serious language learners expand their vocabulary.

To do all this in a way that is easy to use, inexpensive, with versions that are easy to download where high-speed internet is unavailable.

To add features like audio, printing, and quizzing when the resources become available.