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You can study all the English (ESL) and Azeri cards online at Flashcard101.com. Estonian is coming next.

Remember you can study on a tablet or phone.

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Flashcard101 Chapter One in 7 Languages

Check out the expanded content at Flashcard101.com. All the topics from Chapter One are available in Azeri, English, Estonian, German, Hindi, Romanian, and Spanish.

You can study on a tablet or phone too!

Remember at the About page you can leave comments and make suggestions.

Study online at Flashcard101.com (beta)

Home page of Flashcard101.com

The ability to study online is here! Or, actually at Flashcard101.com. You will find several files in English, German, Hindi, and Spanish.

In programming they have a concept called ‘minimum viable product’, which means to start your web site as soon as it has a bit of value to the you, the user. So don’t be discouraged if it seems simple, other files and features will be coming. Sign up to receive updates in the box to the right.

On the About page you can leave comments and make suggestions too!

Hindi files updated

Chapters One through Five have been edited and expanded with more words – special thanks to Aparna Rao for the time spent on this.

5 Chapters of Hindi

Alka keeps adding more material for the Hindi language. You can find out more about her at her website Shiksha 4 Kids.

Hindi Language Added

Check out the first of the Hindi Language files here. Thanks to Alka Gupta for the translations.

Coming Soon: Online Study Tools

Stay TunedYou may have noticed fewer posts and other activity on this site for the past 2-3 years. That is not an indication of a lack of interest on your part (still having many daily visits to the site) or mine. My dream for many years has been to develop online tools for studying, creating cards, adding languages, and more. I was not making much progress working nights and weekends so several years ago I cut back on the hours at my day job and began studying programming. It wasn’t until about 1.5 years ago that I finally had a schedule that would allow me to spend uninterrupted blocks of time studying and programming.

What does this mean to you? This summer I will be adding the ability to study the cards online – so you don’t have to download, use a PDF program, … And this will bring the ability for other great features soon after, such as creating your own cards, teachers can set up cards for students and track their progress, rating files so it is easier to find helpful decks that others have shared, easy way to add images to cards,… and many more.

First Malaysian Files

Yasmin, a native of Malaysia, has contributed the Occupations and Chapter Two Verbs. This is the first of the Malaysian word lists.

Tools for Teachers/Tutors

I would like to include some tools to make it easier for teachers to create and use these flashcards with their students. This is part of the overall revamping of the site to allow online study, SRS, create custom word lists, better images, etc. So teachers, this is your chance to add your suggestions! Some ideas I have come up with are:

  • Create Classes
  • Add Students, or let them self register and you confirm
  • Assign decks (the word lists) to study
  • Create flashcard games to encourage practicing
  • Stats and reports for each student and class
  • Allow parents to monitor progress for younger students

I found a website called Engrade that is similar to what I am thinking about. Please share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing support@foreignlanguageflashcards.com, or adding a comment.

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